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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TENTH TALK             l87

thought in the Master's mind, with regard to this.
particular question. ff How/' you would say, (< would
the pupil do it ?╗" In various ways, according to the
extent to which he has realised the oneness.  He
makes, as you all make, a vivid image of his Master,
and then he raises himself into it with all his forceŚ
making himself one with that, as he is entirely one
with the Master Himself, and then, having done that,
would think his thought and see whether there was
the slightest jar in feeling, and if there were he would
alter it at once. You see, there is the difference
between the Occult and the worldly attitude. Here>
if you find a difference of opinion between yourself
and another man, you at once proceed to argue in
favour of your opinion, to try to justify it.   In
Occultism we never argue. In Occultism we know
that the man who stands on a higher level knows
better, and we do not waste any time at all in argu-
ments, we simply accept his opinion as right. We
think it out afterwards and find out why it is right*
You must not suppose we take anything merely
blindly, but it would never occur to us to argue with
Him. You will remember how someone said to a
Roman Emperor, ^ It is no use arguing with the
master of fifty legions."  Just as on the physical
plane you cannot argue with a man who has such an
enormous army at his command, so in the mental
world you cannot argue with one who knows all, who
has transcended Avidyoy or ignorance. That is why